Change log

Plus for Trello Chrome extensionMobile, web app & power-up

5.5.0 (March 11, 2020)- Fix "show-hide" for cards

5.4.94 (Jan 2, 2020)
Full fix to insertIntoDB issue.
Also, Google spreadsheets can again be used as a sync mode, as we have passed the Google verification process.

5.4.93 (December 27, 2019)
Fix issue (partial) with pending s/e data not commiting (error in insertIntoDB)

5.4.92 (December 23, 2019)
Complete fix for the issues of Modify/Transfer/Date dialogs.
Fix mini-me not showing for some users when used from the card.

5.4.91 (December 23, 2019)
- Update due to changes in Trello. Partially fixes the issue of using the Motify/Transfer dialogs.

5.4.0 (September 6, 2019)
- Update to parse the changes made in Trello html

5.3.95 (August 12, 2019)
- Update to parse the changes made in Trello html

5.3.94 (March 14, 2019)
- Update to parse the changes made in Trello html

5.3.93 (March 13, 2019)
- Update to parse the changes made in Trello html

5.3.92 (February 5, 2019)
- Update to temporarily change the Timer window in Mac OS X due to Chrome changes. See
This means that on Mac OS X, you need to click the timer window to open its Trello card (and not just restore the minimized window)

5.3.91 (November 10, 2018)
- Update to re-enable the Card Timer button due to Trello changes

5.3.0 (November 8, 2018)
- Board dimensions: we now exclude "title s/e" when you pick a specific keyword as the dimension.
- Trello home: we no longer make the page jump when inserting the Plus section.
- Chrome Plus menu: fix the scrollbar position
- Reports: new option to "Ignore my system's regional number format" which affects the report page and export. This will cause numbers to always format as "1200.45" (without commas and using the dot as decimal separator) instead of your regional setting.

5.2.98 & 5.2.97 (August 28, 2018)
- Emergency update due to the changes Chrome just made to their notifications center. We have removed timer "notifications" and replaced them with their minimized version.
- Fix sum of selected report rows when regional settings use different number separators.
5.2.2 (July 19, 2018)
- Report numeric values now format in the computer's regional format (decimal separator and such.)

5.2.1 (July 6 2018)
- Use the new Trello label colors for our label coloring in reports (label column) and charts stacked by label.
- Improved reports help inside reports and in the webpage.
- Improved burndowns help.
- Add a 'Plus' Help & settings item to all Trello board settings as another way to access the Plus Help pane.

5.2.0 (June 24 2018)
- Trello card members in reports! (Pro version)
- Improve sync for boards that were just copied
- Improved report fields tooltips.

5.1.3 (June 21 2018)
- Better help inside reports when a board report has empty results, to cover the case where the user is member of the trello team, but not a direct member of the board.
- Add an alert about the need to cancel Pro subscription when turning off "Pro" features.
- When making a report for a single board, add the board name to the report title.

5.1.2 (June 13 2018)
- New! support for Trello due date "done" button. Now "done" due dates remove the due date from the card in Plus reports. Note: This required a "deep" sync of all boards, which is done once after Plus upgrades to this version.

5.1.1 (June 9 2018)
- Add Plus charts to the new Trello boards page ( view).
- Enable custom fields for reports grouped by "S/E rows".
- Mini-me card popups now show the card title (useful when you have many popups open or minimized).
- Adjust Trello home for the Trello beta channel layout changes coming from Trello soon.
- New: charts grouped by "board-list" and stacked by list now order the stacking in list order. (
- Fix: Charts when stacked by labels and set to "no colors" show with odd colors instead of white (
- Improve "Pro" pay process.

5.1.0 (May 30 2018)
- Support the latest Trello changes to their home page, to show our Plus embedded charts.
- New! report bookmarks inside reports "Options".

5.0.99 (May 23 2018)
- Fix reports "assert" error some were experiencing.

5.0.0 (May 19 2018)

- Trello custom fields in reports!
- Improve the hashtags list in the card front by excluding those in inaccesible boards.

4.9.4 (May 10, 2018)
- Improve the trello home layout of the Plus section
- Hide archived cards from "Remaining" section in trello home
- The hashtags list no longer considers archived cards
- Detect if users are not using S/E and offer them to turn off those features

4.9.3 (May 3, 2018)
- Support the new Trello home layout for the S/E home charts
- Hide the S/E home charts section when not using S/E

4.9.2 & 4.9.1 (May 2, 2018)
- Add a new "Counts" quick report to the Chrome Plus menu (with a sample "list" filter)
- Chrome Plus help now also opens the help pane
- New option in the Plus help pane to hide Estimation-related features from help, trello and tour. This adds to the new option to hide all S/E features from version 4.9.0
- Hide features based on the new "no S/E" options 
- Move report "Query" button (to make space for more filters)
- Add the "list" filter to inline reports and charts inside the Chrome Plus menu
- Rename "Spent" and "Remain" inline charts to "S" and "R" in the Chrome Plus menu
- Improve layout of the Chrome Plus menu width (due to a recent change in Chrome)
- 4.9.2: fix chrome plus menu in Mac, add help for first time use of new "Counts" report.

4.9.0 (April 26, 2018)
- New option to hide time-tracking features from Trello, the tour and the Plus help pane. Find it at the top of the help pane.

4.8.99 (April 18, 2018)
- Emergency fix due to a change in Trello that caused our Plus S/E section to dissapear.

4.8.2 (April 3, 2018)
- Fix report and chart sample links in the documentation
- Update power-up install instructions to match the new Trello form.
- Payment options better explained
- Mini-me preference defaults now to "none"
- Remove the "New!" grayed icon (left of tour)
- Default chart type is now "card count"
- Google spreadsheet configuration better explained
- Updated help to new Chrome sign-in Google help

4.8.1 (Nov 13, 2017)
- minor fix: Plus header week selector tooltip now displays the correct week start-end dates.

4.7.99 (Nov 7, 2017)
- emergency update to fix issues with the Plus header, caused by a style change in Trello today. Bonus: we also removed the flicker when the page loads.

4.7.6 & 4.7.5 (Nov 2, 2017)
- Fix: card checklist items S/E total. Caused by a change in the Trello page.
- Fix: show mini-me from a card front when the preference is to open as a tab from reports.

4.7.4 (Oct 8, 2017)
- mini-me card popups & new preference to control them (see help)
- rename card front menu to "S/E & More" (where mini-me now also lives)
- new Preferences link at the top of the help pane
- fix: when creating a card with hashtags, it now displays the hashtag outside of the title
- fix: burdown filters not opening
- fix: board stars overlapping chart drill-down reports.

4.7.3 (Sept 28, 2017)
- Rename the card "Spent / Estimate" menu to "S/E & Help"

- Move the card Plus help pane icon & Tour from the card front top-right to the card front "S/E & Help" menu

- Fix: when creating a new card with hashtags, the hashtag now moves correctly to the hashtag list section.

4.7.2 (Sept 6, 2017)
- "Hide tour" preference, so it wont show in the Plus header.

- Fix some users getting an "Upgrade Plus" dialog that wouldn't go away.

- "Reset Sync" no longer loses some Preferences, including the "exclude users from the S/E bar" and the active timer (if any).

- Fix Trello "My cards" page, which sometimes had Plus keywords inserted.

- Shorten the week selector in the Plus header. Now it wont display the year if its the same as the current year (as in "W36" instead of "2017-W36")

4.7.1 (July 25, 2017)
Many improvements to charts!
- Upgraded charting library fixes some issues, particularly bar labels that sometimes overlapped row totals.
- Improved chart bar tooltips on all charts. Useful when the bar is too small to show the value.
- Improved render speed for big charts
- New method to generate PNG images from charts, should generate equivalent images (needed because of the upgrade)
- New stack "by date"
- Improved chart sizing for all charts. In the past some boundary situations (like a single bar) could cause bars that were too short or too tall.
- New! ability to change chart bar height with a slider (for page and PNG save) to give you more control, in particular because our auto-sizing is not perfect. Note that when the bar size is too small, the bar label will not appear
- New: When removing a stack-by, we now ask if you also want to remove it from the group-by.
- When saving charts as PNG: now it always saves the chart with the same size as on the screen. Control the chart width by resizing the Chrome window. Control the chart height with the new bar height slider.
- New: burndown chart option to "hide bottom zoom area", both for viewing and downloading as a PNG image.
- New: "Pro" version report option to "remove all [bracket text] from notes". Such text appears in the "Notes" column (Plus commands or traceability information that Plus adds to the S/R row note).
- Faster and more flexible Burndown options: changing options (checkboxes on top of burndown) no longer rebuild the entire burndown. This makes it much faster on boards with a large S/E history, and it no longer loses the "zoom" setting after changing an option. Also useful for downloading as an image.
- Better layout in the "Spent" and "Remain" inline reports in the Chrome Plus menu.

- Report "labels" column now uses white text when the label color is dark.

4.7.0 (July 11, 2017)
- New! preference to use the last user selected in the Card S/E bar and transfer "from"
- New! major performance improvements for those having many Trello tabs open while making changes to Trello data, and for those heavily using Plus hashtags. Most page changes are now postponed if the tab is not visible.

4.6.99 (July 4, 2017)
- Update to improve on the last update, which caused performance issues on boards left open for a long time.

4.5.99 (June 27, 2017)
- Update to handle the new Trello "HTML". Now card backs show S/E and #tags again. More.

4.5.3 (June 19, 2017)
- Handle new Trello pride rainbow logo.
- Help pane improvements
- Help from Chrome Plus menu now opens the Plus help Trello board.

4.5.2 (June 11, 2017)
- New! "modify" S/E now lets you specify the modification date
- Better help in the "modify" and "transfer" dialogs

4.5.1 (June 8, 2017)
- Improve handling of users with disabled sync
- Trello logo no longer moves if it has space
- Cleaner help pane for first timers

4.5.0 (June 1, 2017)
- Help pane improvements, better sizing.
- New licenses with stripe. support for group or single licenses, modify license quantities. the chrome web store remains supported.

4.4.16  (May 22, 2017)
- Help pane , license activation improvements.
- More preparations for the licencing method

4.4.15  (May 16, 2017)
- Help pane improvements.

4.4.14  (May 14, 2017)
- "Pro" no longer requires Google sign-in or extra permissions.
- Improved license activation with the Chrome Store, delayed permissions
- Added some of the integration (not yet visible)
- Improved help
- Added anonymous usage statistics to Google Analytics for all users, not just "Pro" users.

4.4.13  (April 30, 2017)
- Revamped help: New trello help board in the Plus help pane
- Improved pay flow for the chrome store for certain pay errors
- New url for emergency access to Plus from
- Add a "Close" button to the top and bottom of the help pane (certain browsers dont display the floating "X" right)

4.4.12  (April 25, 2017)
- Better chart image download when setting a custom background, and prevent cropping labels when there are many labels (usually a single board stacked by cards).

4.4.11  (April 20, 2017)
- Better detection of cards without permission (or deleted) and with an active timer. Now detection works regardless of your trello language (used to work in English only)and the timer is deleted when you try to open it.
- Better handling of payment errors if due to bad Chrome sign-in.

4.4.10  (April 18, 2017)
- Add chart background color option (or leave unchecked to use a transparent background like before). Useful when downloading the chart as an image with the "copy" button.

4.4.9  (April 17, 2017)
- Fix stacked chart label cropping when where are many labels (more than the chart height). Now all labels will show. Additionally if there are many labels (over 20), Plus will show up to 3 labels per row to save vertical space.
- Upgrade charting library plottablejs to version 2.9.0 (this fixes the issue above), with d3 library version 3.5.17.

4.4.8, 4.4.7  (April 6, 2017)
- Fix Opera issue. Now all recent Opera versions can enable "Pro".  

4.4.6, 4.4.5  (April 4, 2017)
- Allow Opera browser users to use Plus for Trello "Pro" by first enabling "Pro" & paying the licence from a Chrome browser, then from Opera enable "Pro" while being signed-in with the same Google account. It will reuse the Chrome licence.
- Enable the link to pay for the license from the Plus help pane.

4.4.4, 4.4.3  (April 1, 2017)
- "Pro" only: Preference to select which S/E/R boxes to show in the board/list/card
- Improved handling of extension updates.
- Enable the "Pro" buy screen for a few users.

4.4.2, 4.4.1  (March 29 & 28, 2017)
- Minor help pane changes.

4.4.0  (March 15, 2017)
- New reports & charts option to exclude cards with partial or no Estimates when filtering by a date range. This allows for a whole new category of reporting by sprints.

4.3.13  (March 14, 2017)
- Chinese tour.
- Preparations for a new "help & templates" section in Reports.
- Allow users of older Chrome versions to run Plus.

4.3.13  (March 6, 2017)
- When stacking by labels, use the label colors for the chart

4.3.12  (March 5, 2017)
- Smart stack-by: automatically modifies the group-by to make the stack-by work.
- Allow card count charts even when grouping by card (so you can stack it by the new stack options)

4.3.11 (March 4, 2017)
Charts: Stack by team, board, card
- Remove permission for clipboard during extension install. Now asked when you copy a report
- Changing the stack now re-queries the report (makes it slightly slower, but was needed for the new stackings)

4.3.10 (March 3, 2017)

- Reports & Charts: group and stack by multiple labels or hashtags  (for counts and sums)
- Reports & Charts: group by note (great for Butler time-in-lists integration!)
- Preference to filter home and header reports/charts by a set of keywords
- Reports & Charts: Easier editing and help for custom group-by

- Improved insertion speed of home charts

4.3.9 (Feb 22, 2017)

- New "Pro" option to download reports as a CSV or XLS file.
- New preference to always show the S/E bar.
- Improved troubleshooting for users that encounter sync errors (one so far this year).
- Help mentions the automated time tracking method by time spent in lists

4.3.8 (Feb 5, 2017)

- New preference to prevent you from increasing estimates (soon on mobile too)
- New preference to not show Daily spent popup notifications
- More help inside the card S/E bar (inside the drop lists)
- Autocomplete increased E in the card "modify" dialog
- New help section for pre-estimates and the Plus Spent/Estimate system
- Improved help section for best practices

4.3.7 (Jan 28, 2017)

 - New S/E/R sums preview and help link below the S/E bar. Now its similar to the mobile S/E bar preview.
 - Remove need for permission for the extension. It was used for checking Plus news. The permission is still requested when using the Pro version or one of the Google spreadsheet sync modes.
- web app & Android app v1.0.3: update the S/E/R sums preview in the Add S/E dialog.

Mobile & web app (Jan 17, 2017)

 - The Android app and the webpage now can add Points/S/E and save drafts when offline.

4.3.6, 4.3.5 (Jan 6, 2017)

 - Fix broken home chart drilldown and minimized card timers. Thanks users for the heads-up. Its our first deployment screw-up since we started in 2013 :) Code refactoring to share code with our mobile version broke the feature.

4.3.4 (Jan 3, 2017)

 - better tooltips on report pivot about "under" color
 - refactoring to share code with mobile and web version
 - warning when opening a board with filtered old cards using "more/less"

Mobile & Desktop webpage update: (Jan 2, 2017)

- New! support for any device and browser, desktop or mobile with the mobile and web app version. The webpage is like the mobile app and can be used from most web browsers.

- New! support for Plus S/E transfers in mobile and webpage, and will soon add support to enter new S/E from both (only for the "Trello card comments sync" mode).

- New! support in the web app to "Pin" cards as notifications, just like the native Android app. Works on browsers that support this new web technology (Chrome desktop & mobile, Firefox 52)

4.3.3 (Dec 18, 2016)
 - Support for any week start day, not just sunday or monday.

 - Google sync mode (stealth and legacy) now supports appending data from multiple spreadsheets and supports any sheet to be the sync sheet inside the spreadsheet. In the past, only sheet "gid=0" was supported. For now, Plus still supports only a single spreadsheet at the same time, but it no longer forces you to remove all rows when changing the spreadsheet. Thus you may load many "archived" spreadsheets one by one, then load the active spreadsheet. This is the groundwork for future support of multiple sync spreadsheets at the same time using keywords.

 - Performance improvements for the "first sync" case, specially when using Google sync mode and have many deleted boards or that you no longer have access. This might fix performance issues that at least one user is having whenever he performs a board action. 

4.3.2 (Dec 10, 2016)

 - Improved hashtag dropdown list in card front: A recent Chrome change made it so users had to double-click the droplist instead of single-click. Thus, we migrated to a select2 droplist.
- Added a keyboard filter to the hashtag droplist.
- Added a " add new hashtag" option to the droplist. The older "other" dialog is still there and is functionally equivalent.
- New preference to display units as "points". So far only used in the transfer estimates and "modify" dialogs in the card front.
- Always display "labels" filter in reports, even when Pro not enabled (so users know how to enable labels support)

4.3.1 (Nov 28, 2016)

 - New! Transfer estimates command and dialog for all sync modes!
 - Plus help pane new Preference for the name of the "global" user
 - Improve keyboard use in "modify s/e" dialog
 - Handle transfers in burndowns (prevent up&down bumps)
 - Preparations to support Copied card with "copy comments" so it also detects the copied the S/E comments

4.3.0 (Nov 8, 2016)

 - Preparations for the "transfer estimates" command (for global estimates). Contact us if you really want to try the command now as it is already possible if using the "Card comments" sync mode.
 - Improved S/E help inside card front
 - Dont show the Chrome plus icon badge when spent is zero
 - Include weekday in card bar S/E bar "Days" list
 - Translate weekday in Plus according to browser language (everywhere weekdays are used)
 - Retry sync if last sync failed and chrome just went online (before, this was only done if background sync preference was was turned on).

4.2.3 (Nov 1, 2016)

 - S/E help improvements
 - Improvements to card/board chrome window resue.

4.2.2 & 4.2.1 (Oct 27, 2016)

 - Multiple timers improved: now all active timers (not just the last one) are opened when Chrome starts (or when Chrome reloads the Plus extension due to an update), and the Chrome Plus menu has a link to "show all timers", which brings back any notifications for active timers that the user might have closed.

- Improved help: Added a section explaining s/e rows as an analogy to spreadsheet rows.

- 4.2.2: fix bug in reports when using custom columns with label but group-by cant show label column (group by user for example).

4.2.0 (Oct 26, 2016)

 - General navigation to cards and boards has been greatly improved. Now, if you already have a card or board window open in Chrome, and you try to open that card or board from a timer, Chrome menu, Reports, inline report drill-downs or Trello home reports, Plus will reuse that existing Chrome window and make it the active tab.

4.1.16 (Oct 22, 2016)

 - Reports: improve sort by always doing a secondary sort by date descending. This greatly improves sorts by board or list position. Specially important  for list position because it cant be sorted by shift+clicking on multiple columns.

- Improved offline support: If your computer is offline and you try to open a Trello board or card URL in Chrome, Plus now shows a clickable notification that takes you to a report of the board (with the card selected in the case of a card URL), sorted by list position.

4.1.15 (Oct 19, 2016)

 - Migrate card timers out of Chrome "panels", which Chrome removed in Chrome version 54. We now use a combination of web notifications and minimized popups. Took a few days to handle all corner cases and existing limitations in Chrome (this issue prevents using "always on top" windows, and this one required that we handle many more special cases. Since web notifications cannot be minimized or moved, they permanently obscured a part of the screen and we didn't like that, thus we added the "minimize notification" functionality, tested in Mac and Windows. Let us know how it works in Chromebooks. 

4.1.14 (Oct 15, 2016)

 - Remove alerts about removal of the Chrome "Panels" feature. We are migrating the timers feature to a different technology

4.1.13 (Oct 13, 2016)

 - Alert users using card timers that Google plans to remove their "Panels" feature, which makes our card timers work so well. See this Google issue and please comment with positive feedback.

4.1.12 (Sept 26, 2016)

 - New! "Date Created" column under report options : custom columns. Make sure to enable the "Pro" version from the Plus help pane to use custom report columns.

4.1.11 (Sept 19, 2016)
 - Fix the popup "new s/e rows" link

4.1.10, 4.1.9 (Sept 17, 2016)

 - Fix to prevent the "Welcome to Plus" message when the extension is updated.
 - Preparations to add "date created" to reports.
 - Change version from 9 to 10 to workarround chrome store bug that had the update stuck.

4.1.8 (Sept 15, 2016)

 - Burndown projections: Shift+click is now used so Mac users can also use the feature.

4.1.7 (Sept 14, 2016)

 - Burndown drilldown improvements in "by user" chart: Drilldown rows are now grouped by card (instead of the raw S/E history rows) and the Remaining drilldown only shows cards with non-zero Remain.

4.1.6, 4.1.5 (Sept 12,11 2016)

 - New! Burndown projected dates

 - New! save burndown as a PNG image

 - In Plus board lists, make the list S/E fit within available space

 - Remove the need to open Trello after three days of inactivity (when authetication expired)

 - Fix scrolling in plus help non-member list dialog when there are too many boards.

 - Fix rare case in Plus automatic sync that caused extra unneeded syncs.

4.1.4 (August 11, 2016)

 - Minor update to handle new Trello authentication rules.

4.1.3 (August 4, 2016)

 - Allow "e" charts over filtered date ranges.
 - Better error recovery on rare sync failures.

4.1.2, 4.1.1 (July 28, 2016)

 - Home Recent and Remain linked reports now remember your customizations and open a report window with a better default view.
 - Reports: Custom column sorts are now remembered when clicking "query" (and you didnt change the "Sort By")
 - Reports: Improve sort by "Due date", such that rows without a due date come at the end (as if due in the far future)
 - 4.1.2: Add "Sync before doing the Query" (Pro only) to report options.

4.1.0 (July 24, 2016)

 - Burndowns: show due dates, and new ability to show/hide annotations. Also, annotations now display vertically and display the full text when hovering. Now that burndowns display non S/E data, the button shows on all boards, not just those with S/E.

 - Reports (Pro only): Customize columns! Pick and order from 24 possible columns in "Options", also now  available in the Plus Chrome menu Spent and Remain reports. All customizations can be saved in a Chrome bookmark, and Chrome menu customizations in Spent and Remain reports are automatically remembered.

 - Reports: Before this version (2016-07-23) report columns used to append " last" at the end of the column name whenever a group-by was not by that column. This has been renamed to just a "*" at the end of the column name. Because of custom columns, it is now possible to select any column combination which can cause any column to have this behaviour.

 - Reports: group-by hashtag is now named "hashtag1" to remind that Plus uses the first hashtag per card.

 - Plus help: fix the close (X) and scroll-up (↑) buttons, which sometimes didnt show on the help pane.

4.0.4 (July 3, 2016)
  - Burndown improvements: allow burndowns over multiple boards. Useful to group boards or filter specific cards across all boards, like all cards with hashtag "#design".

 - Include all report filters in dashboard bookmark, which goes in hand with the new filtering improvements.

 - New link to dashboards from report charts tab, using the same filters.

 - Fix stacked chart mouse tooltip position when chart had only one row (when Y axis auto-migrates to to the title)

 - Rename "dashboard" to "burndown", add burndown icon in a few places.

4.0.3 (June 22, 2016)

 - New! Estimate and Remaining stacked charts!
 - Standarize S/E/R chart colors.

4.0.2 (June 21, 2016)

 - Allow S+R reports on boards with only estimates (and no spent yet)

 - Allow CONTROL+click on Recent/Remain list items to open them in a separate window.

 - Add a separator for "Remain" list items older than 7 days (similar to the older interface that showed those with gray color)

 - Minor improvement on the "Board Dimensions" boards menu (should look better on Mac)

4.0.1  (June 19, 2016)

 - Add "Open report" links to the new "Recent" and "Remain" dropdowns in

4.0.0  (June 18, 2016)

 - Lots of improvements over the last week in preparation for this release. See release notes below this one.

 - in hashtags list (card front) exclude hashtags from closed boards (plus already excluded deleted cards)

 - Report grouping support for Week, Month, Board-Week, Board-Month, User-Week, User-Month

 - Report grouping "custom..." option at the bottom of the drop-list. Select any combination of any number of fields from team • board • list • card • hashtag • user • keyword • date • month • week. This allows for many more posibilities when doing charts, as chart stacking needs to be part of the grouping. As usual, you may bookmark your finished report to save all your customizations like custom grouping.

 - Spent charts! Finally, all your hard work entering S/E pays off. We've had spent charts in trello home for a long time but those were not customizable (besides changing the week) or exportable. Now, report Charts have a new "spent" chart with stacking support.

 - Support "no colors" for all chart types. Great when you have too many stackings (as you may always mouse-over each stack bar to see details). Also, "no colors" will paint gray any stack bar without a category. This is great to detect uncategorized cards, like a card without S/E user (when stacking by user) or a card without hashtag (when stacking by hashtag).

 - Improve chart rows to remove empty rows (per chart type). Before, all charts shared the same "domain".

 - Fully support all filters for report card counts. In the past, Plus would only include card data without S/E when doing a card-related grouping, and in particular it did not include any of those cards when doing an advanced date filter by week number. This did not affect any of the S/E calculations, but it did exclude cards from card counts. Now, all reports will include the exact card counts even when filtering by week numbers (Week start and/or Week end). This support was specially important so we could add grouping and stacking support for week number.

 - Rework trello home page layout of Plus section. Now it saves space by showing recent and remaining S/E cards in drop-down lists, and moved the lists above the charts to have a consistent click location.

3.8.7  (June 15, 2016)

 - add report grouping 'board-list-user'

 - new option 'no colors' for card counts stacked charts. Shows gray for stack bars with empty stack property, and white stack bars for those with a non-empty stack property. For example, if stack by hashtag and a card does not have hashtags, it will show that card under "empty hashtag" which display as "-". Use to easily detect missing data (like a card without hashtags, or without S/E users (by stacking by user.)

- Improve color selection for stacked bars in card count charts. Now, the chart will:

1. Reserve the first color (black) for bars with empty ("-") stacking property. This helps to easily detect such missing data.
2. Never reuse that first black color. Plus reuses colors when the legend has more than 20 unique items (case-insensitive) by cycling from the 2nd color (the one after black). 
3.  Sort the stacking properties (chart and legend) so that the special empty legend item ("-") is always first, and the rest are ordered alphabetically. This greatly helps in keeping colors consistent when saving the charts over time (for example to compare the chart from last month the the current month). As long as legend items remain the same, the colors also remain the same.

3.8.6 to 3.8.4 (June 13 & 14, 2016)

- 3.8.6: Support all groupings in cards counts with S/E related groupings. Before, if grouping by S/E fields (keywords, user) query results would not include cards without S/E. This is a new important feature because in the new "card count" column and charts it helps to find cards without assigned S/E.

- 3.8.5: fix card count chart with user-related grouping, enable more grouping combinations. (3.8.6 generalizes this to all S/E groupings).

- Stacking and tooltip support in "Card count" charts. For advanced hidden options see "Advanced report configuration by URL" in reports help.

- Smarter chart layout, include board name when coming from the trello board "report" icon (single board filter by idBoard).

- Alerts when doing estimate charts and filtered by date.

3.8.3 to 3.8.0 (June 10-11, 2016)

- New report column "Card count" when grouping by other than card or S/E rows.

- New charts: "card counts", "E 1st versus E", "Estimates change" in reports and Plus menu

- New report and chart hashtag-based "group by": board-list-hashtag, board-hashtag and hashtag (using the first hashtag per card).

- New "Undo card renames" button in Plus help pane Utilities, meant for emergency use after an accidental mass-rename (like it happened to me while testing the feature).

- Optimize chart labels when group uses board and report is filtered by a unique board (link from Plus menu board or trello board page report icon).

- 3.8.3 fixes an issue with report hashtags that was exposed by the new hashtag group-by.

- Changed behavior for reports grouped by user or date. Before 3.8.1 Plus only showed results for cards with S/E (because the non-S/E rows would be all empty). Now that Plus supports card counts in reports and charts, it includes all cards in the report results. This does not affect report S/E/R totals, only adds more rows with S/E of 0/0.

We still exclude non-S/E cards when reports are grouped by "S/E rows" or keyword-related grouping.

Changed behavior in report columns: Relevant to those exporting reports for integrations. As of v3.8.0, Plus adds an extra "card count" column when the report is not grouped by "S/E rows" or "Card".

3.7.1 (May 24, 2016)

- Better charting support for "Remain" reports

3.7.0 (May 23, 2016)

- New "Charts" tab in Reports (display and "copy")

- Dashboard chart: easier to read chart by adding area to Spent.
- Bring back the sort list in chrome menu reports (so the new charts can be sorted from the popup)

3.6.12  (May 19, 2016)

- Allow the warning dialog about Scrum for Trello to be dismissed forever

- Update charting libraries in preparation for report's new "Chart" tab

3.6.11, 3.6.10  (May 17, 2016)

- Show checklist S/E totals (display only in card front, not in reports or board totals)

- Removed the "+" below list titles because it no longer works after Trello enabled live name editing. Will not add it back as the new trello interface no longer needs it.

- "less - more " is now optional. Turn it off in Preferences.

- Detect that the extension "Scrum for Trello" is running and show a warning.

- Extend Pro version free trial for an extra month (June 2016)

- By default, enable the card title S/E format for "Scrum for Trello"

- Only include visible tasks in the tasklist S/E sums (3.6.11)

3.6.9 (April 8, 2016)
 - Bring back Plus card controls (timer etc). Caused by a Trello "html change".

3.6.8 (March 31, 2016)

- Dashboard improved layout with  collapsible "by User" chart.

- Danish tour

- S/E bar: tooltips on each "days" list item, showing the actual date each corresponds

- S/E bar: notes entered will preserve markdown "[ ]" formatting in bar and "modify"

- Better S/E help below Card comments for all users, even before enabling sync.

- Minor layout improvements due to Chrome changes.

3.6.7 (Mar. 10, 2016)

 - Update Plus as Trello changed the card web page. Now the S/E bar and timer button shows again inside the card front.

3.6.6, 3.6.5 (Feb. 17, 2016)

 - Fix size of burndown chart, which was affected by a change in v3.6.4 that caused the chart to be too small to display its zoom section below.
 - Fix sync issue where some card due dates were not being synchronized.

3.6.4 (Feb. 15, 2016)

 - "Enter" key from the S/E fields in the card S/E bar.

 - Reports: New "Options" section to better control report output. "No Crop" has moved to Options.

 - Pro: Options to output board or card shortLink, card numbers

 - Pro: Label colors in Reports (and option to turn them off)

 - Reports: handle cases when report fields (card name etc) might contain special HTML characters. This might fix the case where rarely reports don't export (paste) correctly in some excel versions on a Mac.

 - Better detection of situation when a card with an active timer is deleted. Now we also check if the card is deleted when you click a timer panel. In english Trello, we also check when you try to open the card front.

 - Technical upgrade to use javascript "Promises". Now limits running Plus on very old Chrome versions. Now we support Chrome 33 (feb. 2014) or later.

3.6.3 (Feb 9, 2016)

 - Fix issue for users of "Stealth sync" that did a "reset sync" during previous version (3.6.2) and had boards with S/E but without trello access. This caused no data-loss, all S/E rows you entered are "pending" until Chrome upgrades you to this version, where Plus will continue to sync where it left off, and write all pending changes to the sync spreadsheet.

3.6.2 (Feb 4, 2016)

 - Plus "Pro" version can now be enabled from Plus help

 - Labels support for those using "Pro". Reports and burn-downs can filter by labels, and reports show labels in an extra column.

 - Reports "keywords" filter now supports AND/OR/!

 - Plus has a new utility to search for boards that you are not a member (but can access because they belong to a team where you are member.) This helps identify which boards Plus is not syncing. In Plus help, under "Sync", those using "Card comments" sync have a new button "Find boards".

 - For those using Chrome "Canary", timers were showing a huge, incorrect value. This is now fixed. More here:

3.5.2 (Jan 6, 2016)

 - New: instant drill-down in card front report by mousing over users in the s/e report. Code note: Does not affect performance of loading the card front since reporting is done on-demand as the user hovers each user. Most of the coding effort was to get native html tooltips to display asynchronously:

3.5.1 (Jan 2, 2016)

 - improve "modify" and s/e bar R/E calculations when using multiple keywords.

3.5.0 (Jan 1, 2016)

- New! Board dimensions
- Danish language store translations. Soon in tour bubbles.

3.4.10 (Dec 14, 2015)

 - new page, links inside Plus and tour
 - round S/E in chrome plus menu

3.4.9 (Nov 28, 2015)

 - Fix teams sync bug where sync was stuck when Trello API returned null board dateLastActivity.

3.4.8 (Nov 28, 2015)

 - New! Teams (organizations) in reports
 - Preference to exclude users from card bar
 - Preference to prevent parsing plus S/E from card titles

3.4.7 (Nov 16, 2015)

 - More robust Trello sync on cases of Trello bad data

3.4.6 (Oct 27, 2015)
 - Portuguese Tour, small tour improvements

3.4.5 (Oct 27, 2015)

 - handle certain cases of Trello corruption (in Trello, not Plus) so that Plus can deal with the corruption and still be able to sync. These cases are very rare, only one user reported this.
- Add Portuguese and Arabic (only to chrome store description, not yet the tour bubbles).

3.4.4 (Oct 18, 2015)

 - small fix to Chrome Plus icon drawing/tooltip where sometimes it would display incorrect sync status
 - boards: show grayed S/E in card back when S/E came from title 
 - sync improvements to better handle updates to lists/cards that became orphaned by lack of permissions (user no longer a member of a board). Now, when a  user regains board access, a quick board refresh is done.
 - sync: boards where you lose membership are now marked archived until you regain membership.
 - to enforce this, all boards are refreshed on the first sync when upgraded to this version, which takes a few extra seconds to complete during sync.

3.4.2, 3.4.3

 - Added Dutch and Spanish tour translations

3.4.1 (Oct 11, 2015)
 - Improve reports copy-paste styles.
 - Slight change to the way data is copied to the clipboard, as it appears a recent Chrome for OS X change causes some rows to not get copied on a Mac.
 - Allow click on board from a trello home report drilldown.
 - Show correct units on home spent charts.

3.4.0 (Oct 1, 2015)

 - Translated Plus tours to Russian and French. More to come soon.
 - Fix sort by date when grouping is not s/e rows.
 - Improve report card column position when grouped by cards so card is not scrolled out (both regular and spent inline chrome menu report)
 - Remove week column in some chrome menu inline reports. You can still see the week by mousing-over the rows or zooming-out the report.

3.3.8 (Sept 27, 2015)

 - Include board members in the card s/e "user" dropdown. This helps a lot first-time teams.
 - Prepare for translated tours and update tour to match translation sheets (see this tech post)
 - Fix home chart label total when changing week view
 - More reports per-field help
 - Fix compatibility with extensions that show the card number
 - Fix: timers no longer overwrite note (or draft note) making paused timer notes useful
 - Remove false error in log about "getBoardsLastInfoWorker"

3.3.7 (Sept 13, 2015)

  - make error recovery more robust in case db cannot be opened, to let user open error log (from plus menu or a trello page) even if they cant get to the plus help pane.
 - update card back "recurring" icon faster when moving cards between lists
 - fix db history (and s/e card balances) in the rare case of history rows affected by card ^resetsync command bug mentioned in previous update.
 We believe its unlikely any user was affected by this. To know if you were affected, and which rows were corrected,  this report will show you the corrected rows if any (searches rows with note containing "[corrected") :

3.3.6 (Sept 11, 2015)

 - fix issue with ^resetsync card command: If you applied the command more than once on the same card, and a team member synced both commands on the same sync period, their S/E will be duplicated. This is very unlikely, but to be sure, you may again add a card "^resetsync" to cards that have the command more than once. You may also do a full "reset sync", which was not affected by this bug.

We will publish 3.3.7 shortly to automatically fix this issue on cards where we detect this bug affected them.


 - minor improved custom sort by card and board
 - remove old error log alert generated when trello changed their layout
 - minor help changes

3.3.4 (Sept 7, 2015)

 - Add a new option to "disable Plus changes to pages" as an emergency way to temporarily disable Plus when it misbehaves due to trello changes.

3.3.0 (Sept 2, 2015)

 - update to new trello boards UI (which had broken the display of hashtags in card back)
 - enable the card "reset sync" command in plus help (mentioned in the "modify" dialog)
 - Reports: custom column sorts are now remembered when you bookmark the report URL
 - Plus menu: spent and remaining inline reports now remember your customizations

3.2.18 (Aug 31, 2015)
 - "Remaining" report in Plus menu
 - Simplified reports from Plus menu (remove uncommon fields)
 - Opimizations to all "Remaining" reports so they are instant
 - Reset sync card command (will be explained soon)
 - reverse default sort order in "due date" reports
 - add "R" badge to card front

3.2.17 (Aug 18, 2015)

  - New card report layout inside cards

3.2.16 (Aug 14, 2015)

  - Fix: Some users with older linux systems experienced a paused extension. The previous Plus version started using "sqlite partial indexes" but it turns out Chrome does not support them on those older systems. Now Plus again does not use "partial indexes".

 - Reports should now in theory allow returning an unlimited number of rows (limited now by your RAM) from a report query result. Nobody actually complained that they had reached the previous limit because it was a very large limit, but as Plus gets used since 2013 some people could have been aproaching the limit.

3.2.15 (Aug 14, 2015)

  - New! card "due date" in reports (group by card or card-user)

3.2.14 (Aug 12, 2015)

  - Preparations of "card reset" command
 - Fix sync issue where cards copied from a corrupt Trello board can cause sync to pause.

3.2.13 (Aug 10, 2015)

  - Fix sync bug causing one user to reach maximum callstack or crash extension during first sync.

Mobile 0.9.0 (Aug 8, 2015)

 - New: preview of the card s/e bar. It does not yet save s/e. intended to receive feedback from users. Selecting keyword, user of date work. Eventually it will pre-fill "e" like the desktop version, and will of course save s/e.

- New: More integrations with the official Trello app. From any board or card in the Trello app, select "Send link" from the top-right menu, then select Plus for Trello to open the board or card there.

- Navigating to boards and cards has also been improved from the Plus app: Links to boards and cards on a card description now navigate in-app.

- Fix "logout from Trello" button.

- Optimize for Android 5.1 while still supporting all the way to 2.3.3.

3.2.12 (Aug 1, 2015)

  - New: reports support and/or in all "contains" filters (user, board, list, card, note). See reports help for examples.

3.2.11 (Aug 1, 2015)

 - Fix stuck sync for users with old Trello board actions that were corrupted on Trello.

3.2.10  (july 30, 2015)

 - New feature: Reports have a new sort by Trello "list position".

 - Improved sync now never misses a card or list. Also needed for future support of organizations and labels. Before, under rare cases Plus would not find some lists or cards in the board history. Usually happens when the card was copied and then never had any history on it (no comments, renames or list movements).

 - Fix sending "error log" when log was too large it sometimes failed to open the error reporting form.

 - Fix Chrome Plus icon that kept showing a red or gray "X" after going online following a
"no connection" state.

3.2.9 (july 24, 2015)

 - minor tour and bubble changes

3.2.8 (july 23, 2015)

 - reports: support full date filters
 - card page: dont show S/E bar until plus icon clicked. option sticks for current browser tab.
 - reports group by card-user special case: remove rows with no user if results already have a row with user for that card.
 - hashtags containing "!" are shown yellow.

3.2.6 (july 21, 2015)

 - support all label colors when you turn on "Set the card background based on its first label color."
 - add week number to drill-down tooltips and point details
 - improve Plus layout in trello board page. Now Plus does not cause the boards layout to shift in most cases.
 - reports: group by "card-user" now also shows cards without s/e.

3.2.5 (july 20, 2015)
 - Improved design for S/E and hashtags
 - add Total card S/E badges to card front

3.2.3 & 3.2.4 (july 20, 2015)

 - color changes to spent/estimate badges in card back
 - minor font changes

3.2.2 (july 17, 2015)

 - zoomable burndown (new charting engine. soon other charts will be updated)
 - report dates now include time in all reports (including your past s/e history)
 - burndown: filter list dropdown now only shows lists for the board.

3.2.1 (july 13, 2015)

 - fix: Fixed a problem where some users were getting error "maximum callstack".

3.2.0 (july 10, 2015)

 - new "Stealth" sync mode for users or teams that want to completely hide S/E from Trello users.
 - Improved Trello card and report print by hiding some Plus elements.
 - Much faster 1st sync, specially on Chrome Canary.
 - Improve on Google permissions for both "Google sync" options (legacy and stealth): Creating the spreadsheet no longer asks for access to the full Google Drive. Instead it now uses per-file permissions. existing users using "legacy" sync can switch to these new permissions by revoking Plus permissions in Google so Plus asks you for permissions again.
- Improved Privacy policy page.

3.1.7 (june 20, 2015)

 -  new: burndown help from plus help and board dashboard page
 - fix sync issue caused by Trello changes on their deleted card history data

3.1.6 (june 15, 2015)

 - Minor fix to reports when "sync" is not enabled.

3.1.5 (june 13, 2015)
 - Minor performance improvements to reports inside the Plus menu.

3.1.4 (june 11, 2015)

 - Improvement to multiple active timers: now stopping a timer will open the last started timer in the plus menu and timer panel. Before, it was opening one of the remaining active timers but it wasn't the last one started. Now it has a consistent rule to which one to display next.

- performance improvements to coordinate timer panels with chrome startup or trello page loading, and to coordinate opening multiple active timers at once (when entering a board).

- temporarily stop doing chrome plus icon "rotation" animation until I fix an issue that causes the icon to paint incorrectly or not update in some cases.

- fix rare case when starting a timer could open two identical timer panels.

3.1.3 (june 8, 2015)

 - Fix rare issue that caused plus s/e section not to load in

3.1.2 (june 7, 2015)

 - Timer panels: now always on top and stay up even when closing Chrome.
 - Plus in trello home is now collapsible
 - improved "recent s/e" by grouping by card your last 10 entries. tooltip shows grouped info. This makes the list more compact and meaningful.
 - Plus menu on Mac now focuses on the search box like in Windows.
 - new jqueryui

3.0.2 (may 31, 2015)
- fix: filtering a burn-down now works correctly.

3.0.1 (may 25, 2015)

 - Major version change. Plus reports are now available to all Trello users, not just those using Spent/Estimates. Those already using Spent/Estimates also benefit because now all cards appear on reports even those without S/E. Find all cards in a "doing" list across all boards? easy now. Those without S/E will appear at the bottom since its sorted by Spent.

 - Reports: show all cards (even those without any s/e) when grouping by other than "S/E rows".

 - Reports: green button, and after "mark all viewed" now shows a blank report page to do any report. Before, you had to open a new report window.

 - Reports: new default reports when clicking the report icon (in boards and plus menu) which take advantage of these new features. Those reports now group by card so all cards show (even those without S/E).

 - Reports: more filter help by mousing-over filters and improved texts

 - Layout fix: Trello list subscribed icon was off in a board page when list also had s/e

 - Reports: show total row count and selected row count

- Reports: new default to "Not archived" (before, default was "All" when nothing was specified). Note: if you had saved report bookmarks that filtered by "Archived: all", those will now filter by "Archived: no" so you might need to update those chrome bookmarks.

2.12.11 (may-17-2015)
 - new: edit "R" in the card s/e "Modify" screen.
 - remove alerts when extension is updated. No longer interrupts the keyboard and is not a modal alert.
 - softer plus icons.
 - better sync with trello page navigates (remove timing-related harmless error log about 'idCardCur')
 - Compatibility with the CardCounter chrome extension (no changes made in Plus. The cardCounter developer kindly made his extension compatible with Plus.)

2.12.10 (may-13-2015)

 - new: save "Draft" card s/e rows until entered. Great when you pause a timer, lost internet connection or closed the card accidentally while entering the s/e row. The draft is saved on the device where it was typed (does not sync to other devices)

 - fix: don't crop report rows with notes over 200 characters. "Reset sync" is needed to fix existing rows.

 - fix: few users sent an error log caused by a timing issue. Its harmless to your data. Fixed, and added a better catch to cover other causes. The timing issue was introduced on 2.12.7 by changes in the way the extension loads on each trello page.

2.12.9 (may-8-2015)
 - new: "hashtags droplist" in cards to easily add #tags and standarize hashtag names
 - new "Recurring" check inside cards
 - change Chrome icon look: green dot top-left for New S/E rows (no more rainbowish icon)
 - new preference to never show weekly spent in the chrome icon
 - prepare for new trello languages (remove english dependencies). works now in trello beta language feature
 - "?" in chrome plus menu top-left
 - add more hashtag/recurring documentation in  help and tour
 - fix: when sync fails (no connection) and later succeeds, update chrome icon faster to remove the "X".

2.12.8 (april-29-2015)
 - new: add new report column "E 1ˢᵗ" just like in card reports.

 - change terminology in reports E.type filter "NEW" is now "E 1ˢᵗ" to align with card

 - show zero as transparent in reports (just like pivots already did)

 - minor performance improvement to delay pivot formatting on non-visible tabs so report tab shows results faster.

2.12.7 (april-27-2015)

 - make extension load faster (sometimes much faster on bad/slow/firewalled connections) whenever a Trello tab is opened.

 - much faster reports. optimized pivot html/events and memory usage. All reports are now faster. This is only noticeable on reports with several thousand rows and/or lots of pivot columns.

 - new: zoom-in on year pivot cells (zooms into month pivot for the given user and/or year)

 - new: autocomplete and droplist for reports filter by date advanced (week and month filters)

 - new: drill-down from a home chart then clicking a card link in a drill-down row will keep the drill-down window open behind the card that opens. Useful when you check each drill-down row and want to return to your list after closing each card.

 - support the Google translate extension and chrome right-click translation by preventing translation of certain elements like tables/user names

 - New method for sending the "Error log" no longer requires google spreadsheets access. A Google form is now used. Needed because of change that now makes optional the permission to

 - removed need to approve access to during install time. Users will get the prompt later if they enable Google sync. Note: Those that installed the extension before this version will continue to have the permission enabled for but its never used by Plus. If you really want to remove the permission, remove the extension and add it again.

 - fix no-crop in reports: now works in reports for real (was ignoring no-crop for cards and boards)

 - change terminology sync disabled -> sync off

 - minor code cleanups

2.12.6 (april-22-2015)
 - fix extension for certain users that dont use western character user names.
 - cleanup of startup code differences between sync methods.

2.12.5 (april-22-2015)

 - fix bug where moved cards to another board (by moving the card or the entire list) sometimes wasnt reflected on Plus reports. Fix is only for new data. To fix past data, a "reset sync" is needed. Soon I will add code to autocorrect past data.
 - change sync so when a card is moved to an unknown board, its list will also be set to unknown. Past data also upgraded. This didnt cause issues, its just to prepare for a future feature.

2.12.4 (april-21-2015)

 - fix a chrome permission issue that caused some users to not have the "instant trello sync" feature. Caused a delay in trello sync (no data issues, just delay in auto-sync).

2.12.2 - 2.12.3 (april-20-2015)

 - minor "reset sync" change to remove all users not just "made up".
 - added better error logs when trello api returns unexpected error to better help users with problems using trello sync.

2.12.1 (april-18-2015)

 - sorting support in card s/e report
 - add "other" to user list in card s/e bar.
 - add users list support in s/e bar for legacy "google sync" method and improve update speed of the list when adding new users (by creating users now at a lower level at row insert time)
 - warn when newly added users are not board members. Also helps when users have a typo.
 - cleanup "made up" users (those that have never shown up as actual users) on "Reset sync".
 - minor fix: home report zoomin+out + drilldown caused page scroll down.

2.12.0 (april-9-2015)
Many changes to the UI to catch up with features in manual s/e card comments:
 - pick any date in the past, user and keyword in the card s/e bar.
 - multiple keyword support in "modify total user s/e".
 - keyword column, filter and groups in Reports and dashboards.
Now the Plus bar can do everything that a card comment can do except for adding multiple users at the same time in a single comment. This will help a lot new users and make it more convenient to all.
Multiple keyword features only show when you have more than one keyword (Excluding the 'plus s/e' legacy keyword)

Reports improvements:

 - sort columns by clicking the header. Shift-click for multiple column support. Thank you Christian Bach maker of tablesorter.
 - date column format changed to YYYY-MM-DD and row tooltip now shows days delta ("3 days ago" etc)
 - new pivot by year, pivot column totals by board (bottom row just like pivot by user)
 - autodrop listboxes for autocomplete filters (before the list dropped only when user typed)


 - update jquery to 2.1.3.

2.11.18 & 19 (march-30-2015)

 - new "modify total user s/e" feature in cards (works even in legacy Google sync)
 - minor help and tour changes for this.

2.11.17 (march-20-2015)

 - easier sync setup and way to disable or pause sync.
 - parse hashtags that contain international and other characters.

2.11.16 (march-12-2015)
 - trace and attempt to fix user "sync stuck" issue caused in corrupted trello data. Its rare and few old Trello boards have this corruption. One user so far reported the error.
edit: did fix the issue.

2.11.14 (march-5-2015)

 - for legacy Google sync users without "Trello sync" enabled, offer to enable trello sync (once only). Before 2.11.13 there was some confusion about how to enable google sync, which left some users without Trello sync (1st checkbox) enabled.
- document the list "[exclude]" feature in Plus help

2.11.13 (march-4-2015)

 - partial improvement for confusion in help over Google sync configuration
 - added f.a.q.
 - preparations for better sync configuration and stealth Google spreadsheet sync mode
 - other minor help improvements
 - minor error text cleanup

2.11.12 (feb-26-2015)

 - fix card comment help after trello changed dom
 - fully enable new Google sheets support

2.11.11 (jan-30-2015)

 - revive the card plus bar. Trello made changes that were not compatible with the extension.
 - fix reports printing
 - add mobile app to plus help

2.11.10 (jan-28-2015)

 - fix issue "stageNum != cTotalStages" that a few users sent to the error log. Error was harmless, happened if two sync requests arrived at the same time, there was a small window where both syncs could start concurrently.

2.11.9 (jan-12-2015)

 - in boards, don't sum card S/E if list name contains "[exclude]"
 - minor tour and sync setup changes
2.11.8 (jan-6-2015)
- support new google sheets (only for #gid=0 entered by the user, not the create button). new sheets are much faster.
- fix chrome icon tooltip just after new install or reset sync.
- reduce scopes used by extension. no longer needed.
- use one decimal on board total S/E in
- fix: don't show the card timer when the user hasn't joined the board.
- alert users when they close the plus help pane without having sync configured.

2.11.6 (jan-2-2015)

 - smart E default in the plus card bar when S would go over E
 - preview "R" (in the note gray text) as you type S/E
 - improved tour navigation using keyboard arrows
 - Plus menu improved sort of boards and cards for users that don't use S/E

2.11.5 (dec-27-2014)
 - new timers "units" preference
 - new preference for warning starting a timer with another timer already running
 - emergency reset from
 - allow specifying an email when sending an error log

2.11.4 (dec-19-2014)

 - detect users with issue from 2.11.3. Notify those users that they need to Reset sync to recover the missing legacy rows.

2.11.3 (dec-18-2014)

 - fix issue with past S/E entries with -d over 2 so new upgraders wont be affected. All legacy users should "reset" plus from help utilities (next version will auto-notify them)

2.11.1 (dec-14-2014)

 - minor help changes

2.11.0 (dec-12-2014)

 - enable entering S/E as card comments with advanced formats for user impersonation
 - trello sync for all boards (not just those with S/E)
 - better daily report format on top toolbar
 - parse time ":" format in comments
 - autofill E when entering S/E on recurring cards
 - when opening an active timer on a deleted card, the timer is now deleted.
 - many smaller changes

2.10.16 (nov-6-2014)

 - enter S/E always using trello API (no longer fakes text and clicks in the card page). This prepares for V3 and makes entering S/e more solid against network errors.
 - timers on recurring cards now also fill Estimate (Equal to spent by timer)
 - Trello sync: now "Detect trello activity" is always ON when Trello sync is ON (no longer optional when trello sync is ON)

2.10.15 (nov-2-2014)

 - preparations for V3: option (hidden for the moment) to stop using card titles to store  S/E.

2.10.13 (nov-2-2014)

 - ignore deleted cards in weekly report and trello home charts
 - improve help
 - allow filter/group from the "new S/E" rows without losing the "mark read" button
 - preparations for V3: simplify getting trello board shortLink in code

2.10.12 (oct-15-2014)

 - code refactoring to standarize some names
 - bug fix: when both "trello sync" and team mode enabled, card's board or recurring status in spreadsheet row doesnt match current status in trello (card moved or recurring status changed by another team member), in rare cases the synced history row will be recorded with the spreadsheet (old) data instead of the latest card data. thus the row may appear in reports with the old board or with incorrect Etype. was timing related. fixed and also upgrade db to fix existing history rows so board/etype is corrected. [db version 16]

2.10.11 (oct-3-2014)

  - New: Allow "mark all viewed" after applying a query to the "new rows" report.
  - Fix: Dont hide boards when in "organization boards" page and "less" is enabled.
  - Better realtime detection when the trello user has been renamed.
  - Handle case of corrupted trello data received in board actions.

2.10.10 (sept-27-2014)

 - "Trello Sync" available to all, no longer in Beta.
 - optimizations to "detect trello activity" so changing card "checked items" wont trigger sync
 - timer improvements when started/stopped from other devices or multiple chrome windows
 - improved help
 - improved report column widths for lists
 - fixes to minor issues with timers and recurring icon inside cards

v2.10.8 (sept-17-2014)

Many improvements to timers:
 - better support for multiple timers. Now when a timer is stopped and there are other timers, another active timer will show. 
 - better way to pause timers. Now you can unpause a timer, and later pause it from another device. No longer needed to leave the card window open or enter the S/E from that window.
 - adding timers (pause and unpause) now show the total timer ellapsed time instead of the time since last unpause.
 - Cards found with the plus chrome menu show if they have an active timer.
 - New preference to always show Spent on the chrome plus icon, even with active timers.
Other improvements:
 - Enable ability to send error log to plus development team (by manually pressing a button in the log page).
 - Preserve more preferences when resetting Plus, not just the critical ones.
 - Cosmetics.

v2.10.7 (sept-12-2014)

 - Dashboards: New! Full filters just like in reports.
 - Reports: New! when any plus data changes a "Refresh" option appears top-right.
 - Reports: Autocomplete font/scroll improvements.
 - Chrome Plus icon: Show either timer or spent, not both (it was too much info on the icon). Animate timer events and new rows entered. Show timer time on icon bottom so its bigger.
 - Timers: When using simultaneous timers, refresh active timer in the Chrome Plus icon when opening another card with an active timer.

v2.10.6 (sept-09-2014) Only beta users see these changes

 - add "Archived" column to reports (for card/list/board)
 - add "Deleted" column to reports (for cards)
 - Handle archived lists
 - Trello sync animation
 - Beta users need to "Reset" to see old deleted cards in reports

v2.10.4 (sept-08-2014)

 - (trello sync beta only) Handle moving a list to another board

v2.10.3 (sept-06-2014)

 - Improvements to "Trello sync" beta option
 - Enable option to automatically detect and sync instantly when Trello changes.

v2.10.2 (sept-04-2014)

 - Major changes in preparation for version 3 (nothing visible yet to non-beta users)
 - Ability to enable private beta for "trello sync" and card's list column.
 - New "Reset" button on "Google Sync" to make it easier to re-read the entire spreadsheet (and re-read all board's history for beta users)

v2.9.3 (july-13-2014)

 - Better expose 1st Estimates in card window
 - Improve tracking of Recurring cards regarding first estimates
 - Simplify reports of first estimates (ETYPE=NEW)
 - Add more card tour bubbles to explain Recurring cards and 1st estimates

v2.9.2 (july-2-2014)

 - jslint cleanup

v2.9.1 (july-1-2014)

 - New! Tour for new users

v2.8.11 (june-20-2014)

 - Improved built-in help

v2.8.10 (june-16-2014)

 - Reports: autocomplete "user" and "board"
 - use chrome.notifications as chrome removed previous api

v2.8.8 (june-12-2014)

 - minor fix for timer inside chrome plus popup

v2.8.7 (june-9-2014)

 - Show timer counter on Chrome icon
 - minor sync improvements

v2.8.6 (may-29-2014)

 - Better interaction between more/less and Trello's filter cards
 - Retry sync on common errors (like sync after a computer sleep wakes up)
 - synchronize sync status between Trello page and background/plus menu sync

v2.8.5 (may-27-2014)

 - New! reports pivot by day and month
 - Zoom from weekly pivot into daily pivot
 - Auto detect when Chrome goes offline/online and sync as soon as online (if background sync enabled)
 - Fix: preserve more/less filter after a trello card filter is removed

v2.8.4 (may-25-2014)

 - Minor help changes

v2.8.3 (may-23-2014)

 - New "Sum filtered" option in boards. Will appear when cards have been filtered. Cards are filtered by using trello's "Filter cards", or with Plus' more/less button.
 - Major performance improvements in boards to parse card S/E and calculate totals per list/board. It is now literally 50 times faster (Even more for boards with lots of cards). This was done so Plus works smoothly with the new trello "filter cards" funcionality that they improved this week. Filtering cards is now instant, and also the board page loads faster and using much less CPU.

v2.8.1 (may-17-2014)

 - Ability to sync even when Trello is not open, and sync from Plus menu
 - New preference to color card background with its first label color. This used to be the default in Plus, now you need to check it if you still want it.
 - Improved sync status with Plus icon animations
 - New "New S/E" report available from the Plus menu. Plus menu icon changes when there are new rows.
 - Reports: pivot column totals on "Spent by User"
 - Reports: see total S/E/R for selected (clicked) rows in custom and drilldown reports
 - "afterRow" report parameter
 - improved report paste format (preserve font)
 - improved help
 - new open-source GPL (GNU General Public Licence)
 - No longer shares significant code with Trello 3000

v2.7.19 (may-6-2014)

 - fix reports help link

v2.7.18 (may-4-2014)

 - reports: "NOT contains" support by starting filter with "!", more help tooltips.
- Easier typing on the S/E bar. Now you can also press Enter from your keyboard when in the comment field.
- Improve dashboard page colors
- Custom and drilldown reports: hightlight row also when board/card link clicked. Now it hightlights the row regardless of where you click the row.
- Code: migrate to chrome.extension.onMessage (from onRequest)

v2.7.17 (may-1-2014)

- Plus menu: boards tooltips now show % complete
- performance fix for "spent backend" users (not you) when card has thousands of comments
- fix parsing boards or cards with a comma "," inside their names. Rare but blocks sync on those affected.
- improve "board markers" (spent backend only) to skip recurring cards from marker calculation.

v2.7.16 (april-30-2014)

 - fix bug where new cards didnt show the S/E bar.
 - workarround bug in Google Spreadsheets API for 'new sheets' users. New users are now able to create sync spreadsheets, even if they have 'new sheets' enabled.

v2.7.14 (april-29-2014)

 - Board page: "R" and "% complete" on lists and board totals mouse-over.
 - card inline report improvements: "R" column, better layout and colors on error cells, faster loading.
 - card S/E warnings when entering S/E that causes negative S/E/R.
 - Reports detailed help (top right corner)
 - Preferences: "Ignore cards with no estimates" is now "Allow card negative Remaining" to cover the more general case.

v2.7.12 (april-27-2014)

 - Timers: The plus menu now shows the active timer. For those few using multiple overlapping timers, it will show the last one whose card was viewed.
 - rename blog

v2.7.9 (april-26-2014)

- Preferences: set Monday as the first day of the week.

- Home: faster and smoother whole-page load

- Reports: more grouping options, Don't show zeros, "report" link no longer on trello header (use the Plus menu, or use the Report icon on a board.)

- Reports advanced feature: allow filters typed by url even if not pesent in the listboxes. Grouping supports arbitrary groupings separated by "-". Sorting allows one level only. llowed fields are: nameBoard,idBoardH (board id),nameCard,idCardH (card id),user,dateString (date without time),remain, spent, est, user.

For simple date filters, format is d-x (for days) or w-x (for weeks). example: w-37 means 37 weeks, d-100 means 100 days.

- Improve home load animation from 2.7.8 and fix home horizontal scrollbar from 2.7.8

v2.7.7 (april-20-2014)

 - home charts: inline chart zoom-in by clicking the chart title
 - reports: option to smooth or remove color format
 - reports: pivot tooltips to help navigating large tables
 - Plus menu: easier multi-word search. before was "term1*term2*term3" now also accepts "term1 term2 term3"
 - reports: 'under' color format no longer applied for current week
 - boards: cleaner interface for boards and lists with 0/0
 - reports: new group by date and date-user

v2.7.4 (april-11-2014)

 - New: option to hide pending cards in trello home
 - cosmetic changes
 - tooltip help in reports
 - improve reports performance

v2.7.3 (april-9-2014)

 - New: Find cards from the Plus menu with wildcard support
 - Easier report filters (Since)
 - Better report tab layout and scroll
 - Integrated dashboard and report links
 - Add card "+" button on top of board lists

v2.7 (mar-24-2014)

 - New: Full offline support.
 - New: Boards chrome menu for quick access to trello and plus offline.
 - New: grouping and sorting in reports.
 - New: Remain column in reports. Special sort by remain.
 - New: Privacy policy.
 - New: reports support "Enter" in filters, will do the report and will also add the value in the current edit box to the autocomplete list.
 - Requires to re-approve permissions to support future reads from plusfotrello backend.

v2.6.5 (mar-13-2014)

 - New! red header icon when there are new Plus features
 - Support ctrl+click to open in new tab a pivot cell zoom
 - re-enable Move card detection (trello changed html).
 - show active timer button with different color in card window
 - improve help page

v2.6.4 (mar-11-2014)

 - New timer features. See Plus help for details.

v2.6.2 (mar-10-2014)

 - New! conditional formatting and 'copy' in report pivots
 - Better sync status message with timestamp
 - Remove old trello interface code. This fixes the trello sidebar shift that some users were experiencing.

v2.6.1 (mar-5-2014)

 - Plus help table of contents
 - New! Detect cards when moved to a new board real-time to move historical card reports to new board
 - Upgrade all user options to chrome sync

v2.6.0 (mar-3-2014)

 - New! zoom any pivot report cell into a new report. Works even on headers.
 - Better report defaults and navigation (zoom and back, etc)
 - column week tooltips on pivot reports

v2.5.9 (mar-1-2014)

 - New! spent week pivot by user and board in Reports
 - Default report start week
 - Better colors
 - All chart tooltips can now be closed

v2.5.6 (feb-25-2014)

 - New: minimize drilldowns (home and dashboard)
 - New: no truncate option for custom reports
 - Link to Google+ page on Help
 - zoom top report on hover
 - more compact drilldowns from home
 - minor cosmetics
 - new jqueryui
 - reshuffle plus header

v2.5.3 (feb-21-2014)

 - New! Click the plus bar week to change your view
 - in-card report now hightlights unbalanced S/E with color and tooltips
 - jsLint cleanup
 - include label sums in charts for ellipsed labels

 - error logging for spent backend users

v2.5.1 (feb-18-2014)

 - new history "E.type" column in reports to identify Estimate changes at card level.
 - copy to clipboard now also works in trello embedded charts
 - use "clipboard copy" chrome permission so the copy button in reports works from all custom reports.

v2.5.0 (feb-17-2014)

 - boad markers in dashboard (spent backend only, soon for others)
 - prevent settings dialog save while syncing
 - prevent extra spaces when adding S/E to scrum formatted cards
 - better help on scrum format usage and renaming/moving boards/cards
 - better home layout when no week data
 - simplify and improve db sync code for future features
 - preserve preferences on sync setting change

v2.4.5 (feb-10-2014)

  - better plus help window colors
  - optimize home charts refresh on first load
  - fix chart animations by excluding label sums during animation. This broke last month when I added row sums and caused animations to animate entire rows instead or individual boxes. Google charts dont support this so svg needed to be manually modified.
  - improved row insert algorithm for board markers, less queries needed.
  - Show unsynced row count in Plus help (when its not zero). Helps detect issues with google spreadsheets (missing permissions etc)

v2.4.14 (feb-5-2014)

  - board markers preparations
  - fix issue when changing sync URL.

v2.4.13 (feb-4-2014)

  - logging framework, outputs to console with callstack and to an internal sql table viewable from help
  - Security notes in help

v2.4.12 (jan-31-2014)

  - larger home charts
  - larger comments before truncating
  - tooltips on all reports for rows with truncated comments (thanks 'trapias' for suggesting this)
  - fix report sort order (now newest first) on weekly report drilldown on day
  - blink Enter button when timer used and better contextual help about timers.

v2.4.11 (jan-29-2014)

  - Better support for Scrum for Trello format, now it also writes in this format when the card had that format.
  - Preparations for board dashboards
  - Cleanup of chrome permissions. "tabs" no longer needed.

v2.4.9 (jan-20-2014):

  - fix home charts not animating update on new data sync

v2.4.8 (jan-20-2014):

  - PermaLink to card report per card and user from card window
  - PermaLink to board report from burndown
  - Reports can now query on idBoard, idCard
  - Report link is now aware of the board you are at

v2.4.5 (jan-19-2014)

  - New 'Report' link to filter and export your data.
  - Drill-downs in home charts.
  - Better drill-down window. Remains up while you navigate its cards
  - Detect extension refresh error dismissal. user can no longer enter S/E if page needs refresh.

v2.4.1 (jan-17-2014)

  - New support for Scrum for Trello format (enable from help)
  - New drilldown from burndown by user chart


  - new Preference to 'ignore missing estimates'


  - Correction of layout issues in new trello
  - Sync is now available to all
  - Sync now warns when not set-up
  - Better charts when small
  - Fix sync issue when special xml characters in strings


  - New 'Spent/Remaining by user' stacked chart in Burndowns
  - New S/E by user report inside card window

v2.3.6 (jan-10-2014)

  - New 'Week by board by user' stacked chart in home


  - Improved initial sync from multiple pending devices
  - Better sync help regarding chrome sign in


  - Google Sync is enabled (beta use)


  - Full front page support for the new trello beta

v2.2.6 (jan-4-2014)

  - Migrate to jquery 2
  - Better performance when timer is running in a card window
  - No longer required to fill "now" when stopping timers

v2.2.0 (dic-30-2013)

  - Happy new year! Reports and charts are now enabled just in time to start 2014.
  - Google sync is not yet enabled, will be soon.
  - There will be many more reports soon.


  - Complete support for trello beta (borderlands) users.
  - Timers now refresh inmediately in the cards list.


  - Basic support for trello beta users.


  - More preparations for reports
  - Less permissions required
  - No longer extends spreadsheets (red blink cells) since reports are not done there anymore.

v2.0.0: Major release

  - Much faster extension loading times
  - Migration to web SQL
  - Migration to chrome identity
  - Preparations to enable reports for all users, even those without the Spent backend.


  - Cards with active timers now show a hourglass icon in board view.
  - Preparations and import of data into web sql finished.


  - Spent user list to access each team user's spreadsheet.


  - Allow HH:MM format in card S/E input boxes. removed spin arrows.


  - New interface to update card S/E directly without manual title renaming. Works with timers too.


  - Spent backend allows advanced administrative S/E to other users.


  - New automatic card renames when using timers, even without the Spent backend.
  - Fixed timers for non-spent users.


  - New Timer per card. Users can start/stop timers and optionally make reporting comments (with or without Spent).


  - New 'More/Less' button to hide unused boards and cards.


  - home page performance improvements.
  - fixed board navbar issue.


  - prevent editing or deleting card comments with S/E information.
  - optimize home page layout


  - Update charts automatically
  - cosmetics


  - better hashtag rounded look, preparations for spreadsheet hashtag column.


  - support for #hashtags on card titles.
  - burndown chart point annotations.
  - hashtags with blue color
  - better card title parsing


  - trello home improvements


  - Page load/display optimizations.
  - New google permissions.


  - No longer beta. Plugin is tested and stable.
  - Added Spent warnings.


 - Update to new trello UI


 - Integration with Google OAuth
 - Much faster reports by using direct google api calls
 - Cosmetics


 -Added board S/E on the All Boards page.
 -Added chrome sync storage. Extension data now syncs on all machines if user is logged-in to chrome.


 -Added board Burndown charts (Spent for Trello only)
 -Thicker label bars.
 -Renamed extension to "Plus for Trello".


 -Added red blink text to google spreadsheet cells with error queries to easily find them. Note that it will also blink cells with notes attached to them.


 -Added desktop notifications for Spent users.

v0.4.5 (jul-27-2013):

 -First public version as beta.