Mobile Plus for Trello

Plus for Trello now has a mobile version for Android! Soon also for Apple iOS.

Install it from the Android Play Store then fill the survey from Settings+Help.

Pin cards  to your phone and see card S/E. Soon I will add obvious missing features like timers and the "s/e bar".

New! While you are on a card or board in the Trello app, open it in Plus by sharing it using the top-right menu.


None needed except network access.


The app should let you navigate quickly to a card. The first time you enter a page (a specific board, list or card) the app gets data from Trello. That data is saved so that next time you enter the same page it loads immediately, even when offline.

Privacy Policy and Security

The app stores data inside your device. Your Trello "key" or data is never sent except to Trello and is removed from the device if you "logout from Trello" from Settings, which also removes all cached Trello data from your device. The app stores data in your device for the sole purpose of caching so you can use it offline and for faster page loads.

Anonymous data about app usage is sent to Google analytics. Example data sent is "entered a board page". No information is sent about the board itself or about you, only about the fact that "some user entered some board page". These analytics are very useful so we know where to focus our efforts knowing what features are most used or need improvement.


The app itself is small (much smaller than the Trello app). It stores visited boards, lists and cards data offline. View or empty storage from Settings+Help or from the android app manager.

Network usage

Trello data is requested only when you click to navigate to a board, list or card. No network calls are made while the app is closed or inactive. Cards refresh right away when you visit them, while boards and lists refresh after four seconds in the page.

Planned features

To be decided based on your feedback. Make sure to fill the survey from the app's Help.
So far the planned short-term features are:
1) Card timers.
2) Search cards (similar to the Chrome Plus menu)
3) Add the Pomodoro technique to card timers.

Know issues

issue #1: If you ever delete or change an existing card s/e comment (discouraged in Plus Help) you might get a different report than the one in the chrome extension. The app always displays an accurate card s/e report while the chrome extension needs a "reset sync" whenever you delete or change s/e comments.

issue #2: If your Android version is before 4.0 (Way back from 2011) pinned cards do not add a notification on the top of your phone. Also, clicking on a notification while the app has been closed ("cold start") may not open the pinned card (just opens home instead) on slow devices. In those cases Plus opens in home and you can click on the pinned card from there.

issue #3: This version is compatible with the regular "Trello card comments" sync, not with "google spreadsheet sync" (legacy or stealth modes).

Open-Source licences


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