Mobile Plus for Trello

Plus for Trello mobile works on any modern phone or browser!
Also available as a Trello power-up!

Enter and view card 

Companion to the Chrome extension.

It is NOT a good idea to start trying Plus with this app, use the Chrome extension first.

• Android: install from the Android Play Store.
• iPhone & Web (Firefox, Safari, Edge, Chrome):
• As a Trello power-up: Setup instructions.

When using the webpage, get an app-like experience by opening it in the browser then:


Add to home-screen. It will show full-screen like a native app.
If you cant get past the Trello login screen this way write us to with your iOS version. The issue does not happen when using Safari normally (without adding to home-screen) and may not happen if you login to Trello directly without using Google sign-in or "SSO".

Desktop browsers:

  • Chrome: From the Chrome "More tools" menu, pick "Add to desktop..." with "Open as window" checked.
  • Others: In the App, click "popup" top-left. It will open as a small "popup" without the bookmarks bar etc. The "popup" link only shows when you first open the web app.
Chrome has the best support because with "Add to desktop" it will automatically show as popup, hide toolbars and remember its last size and position.

If your browser has issues, check "No animations" from the gear top-right.

Native App, web app, Power-up?

The power-up displays a trimmed-down version of the web-app as a button in the card's front.

The difference between the native app (in the Android Play Store) and the web app:

• The native app "pin cards" also adds the card to the notification bar. In the web app, it works in Chrome and will work in Firefox starting on Mozilla version 53.
• The native app integrates both ways with the native Trello app. The web app integrates one-way (more below).


★ Enter and see card Points/S/E. Make sure to first setup your "keywords" from the gear icon if they are not "plus!".

★ Card Drafts and full offline. Anything typed in the card S/E bar is remembered until you save it to Trello. While offline visit boards, lists and cards previously viewed in the app or save drafts to later enter when online.

★ Pin cards. Pinned cards show in a quick list and as notifications (Chrome & Android).

★ Integration with the Trello app (both ways)
 From Plus app to Trello app: From any card in Plus, click the blue Trello icon.
 From Trello app to Plus app: (native Android app only). From a card or board in Trello, open in Plus by using "share Card/Board link":

Speed, Network usage & Offline

The first time you enter a page (a specific board, list or card) the app gets data from Trello. That data is saved so next time you enter the same page it loads immediately, even when offline.

Trello data is requested only when you click to navigate to a board, list or card. No network calls are made while the app is closed or inactive. Cards refresh right away when you visit them ("forward", not "back"), while boards and lists refresh after four seconds in the page.

Full offline works from the native app, Firefox, Chrome and Edge (Safari does not yet support the needed technology).

In modern browsers like Chrome and Firefox, the app is completely cached in your device and uses data only to communicate with Trello, it does not re-download the app except when we publish a new version. This reduces the bandwidth to the minimum possible.

Privacy Policy and Security

The app stores data in your device only for offline use and fast page loads. It never sends your data outside except to Trello itself (for example when you add new card S/E, it will add a card comment to Trello).

All saved data is removed from the device if you "logout from Trello" from Settings.

Anonymous data about app usage and errors is sent to Google analytics. Example data sent is "entered a board page". No information is sent about the board itself or about you, only about the fact that "some user entered some board page". These analytics are very useful so we know where to focus our efforts by knowing what features are most used or need improvement.


The app itself is small. It stores the app itself, visited boards, lists and cards data offline. View or empty storage from Settings+Help or from your phone's app manager in the native app.

Planned features

1) Card timers.
2) Search cards (similar to the Chrome Plus menu)
3) Create cards

Know issues

#1: If you delete or change an existing card s/e comment (discouraged in Plus Help) you might get a different report than the one in the chrome extension. The app always displays an accurate card s/e report while the chrome extension needs a "reset sync" whenever you delete or change s/e comments.

#2: This version is compatible with the regular "Trello card comments" sync, not with "google spreadsheet sync" (legacy or stealth modes).

#3: In the Android native app when clicking a card notification in the phone notification bar, under rare cases the card will not open in the app. It does open if you click again on the notification.

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