Plus for Trello "Pro" version

Good news! we have new "Pro" paid features!

Can't pay? No problem! All other non-Pro Plus features will always remain free. This means all existing features before 26-jan-2016 will always be non-Pro and we'll continue to improve them along with the "Pro" features.


You already know the amazing quality and speed of Plus. Zero issues, 60K daily users and 180+ updates since 2013! Writing great software takes a lot of effort. We have never sacrificed quality. Without charging we can only go so fast as quality takes time.

We receive donations but those are far from covering even expenses. We want all of you to have all the amazing pending features we have planned, fast.

Which features are "Pro"?

  • Labels (name and color) in Reports and burn-downs (filters and report column).
  • More report options and extra columns for card number and shortLinks (useful for integrations).
  • Pending features like "Ping" and "Time in lists" charts which we will add over time.

How to enable "Pro"?

From the Plus Help pane, enable "Pro" at the top. By clicking "Approve", you accept to purchase later this year the "Pro" licence for $9.⁹⁹ yearly per user (one payment for all your devices) in the Chrome store. Until then, "Pro" features will run as free trial.

Without payment Plus will continue working, just without "Pro" features.

"Pro" uses extra Chrome features and permissions:
  • Chrome sign-in and Chrome Web Store: To verify your "Pro" licence once free trial is over.
  • We collect anonymous statistical feature usage data to know which are the popular features and help us shape the future of Plus. Our mobile app already does this.
  • So our help pages can talk with the extension to better help you. We are not using this yet, but are using this opportunity to ask you and approve now (instead of having to approve again later.) 
  • Chrome Alarms and Google Cloud Messaging (GCM): For future improvements to timers and notifications.
Plus will ask you to accept these after you click "Approve".

When do you pay?

Plus will not ask for payment until 2017. You will be reminded before to do so at the Chrome Store (Google handles all the payment details.)
If you donated and later purchase a license, you may ask us to refund the donation.

Our Privacy Policy is still the same, we never send any Trello or personal data (not even your email) outside of your browser.

More about the new permissions

The new permission for Google Analytics only sends anonymous, statistical information (for example, number of burn-downs viewed monthly, not the data in the burn-down).

The one for never sends data outside your browswer. That permission simply allows the extension to also run in our help pages. We will add that integration in the future but are asking now for permission so you don't have to approve the permission yet again once we add that feature.

We also ask for permission to view your Chrome store licence for Plus. We do not yet actually check for a licence but do ask for the permission now to have the ability later once we enforce licences. You can approve that permission only if signed-in to Chrome because that's just how the Chrome Web Store currently works. If you are not signed-in, Chrome will prompt you to do so.