Plus for Trello "Pro" version

Good news! we have new "Pro" paid features!

Can't pay? No problem! All other non-Pro Plus features will always remain free. Current non-pro features will always be non-Pro and we'll continue to improve them along the "Pro" features.


You already know the amazing quality and speed of Plus. Zero issues, 60K daily users and 200+ updates since 2013! We have never sacrificed quality but without charging would slow us down.

Which features are "Pro"?

  • Labels (filter, group, stack, name and color) in reports, charts and burn-downs.
  • More report options for custom columns and auto-export as Excel, CSV.
  • Some pending features.

How to enable "Pro"?

From the Plus Help pane, enable "Pro" at the top. By clicking "Approve", you accept to purchase later this year the "Pro" licence for $9.⁹⁹ yearly per user (one payment for all your devices) in the Chrome store. Until then, "Pro" features will run as free trial.

Without payment Plus will continue working, just without "Pro" features.

"Pro" uses extra Chrome features and permissions:
  • Chrome sign-in and Chrome Web Store: To verify your "Pro" licence once free trial is over.
  • We collect anonymous statistical feature usage data to know which are the popular features and help us shape the future of Plus. Our mobile app already does this.
  • Chrome Alarms and Google Cloud Messaging (GCM): For future improvements to timers and notifications.
Plus will ask you to accept these after you click "Approve".

The payment amount varies slightly per-country due to currency conversions in the Chrome store. These countries can use Chrome store payments.

How to make a payment?

Plus will not ask for payment until around march 2017. Google handles all the payment details through the Chrome store. Chrome will show you a payment window that only Chrome can read. Chrome only informs Plus if the payment was successful and gives us the resulting licence identification.

Our Privacy Policy is still the same.

More about the new permissions

The new permission for Google Analytics only sends anonymous, statistical information (for example, number of burn-downs viewed monthly, not the data in the burn-down).

We also ask for permission to view if you have purchased the Chrome store licence. You can approve that permission only if signed-in to Chrome because that's just how the Chrome Web Store currently works. If you are not signed-in, Chrome will prompt you to do so.