Sync features

Enable "Sync" from Plus help to:

• Sync all boards you joined

• View team S/E 

List column for all cards in reports. Group and filter by lists

• Labels column and filter for all cards in reports when "Pro" is enabled

• Archived and Deleted column and filter in reports

• Find any board or card from the Plus Chrome icon

• Automatic detection and sync of changes in boards, lists and cards regardless of how it was done (mobile, other browsers or other users). Detection happens right away if you made the changes, otherwise it can take up to 3 minutes to sync automatically. You may also force sync at any time or enable background sync (see below).

First sync

During the first sync only, Plus reads your complete card history from Trello servers and can take a few minutes to finish if you have many boards.

Continue using Trello normally while it syncs. Don't close Chrome until sync finishes else it will start all over again next time.

Hover the Chrome Plus icon to see sync progress. Can't see the icon?

The Chrome Plus icon shows a white dot while syncing:

Subsequent syncs only read what changed and typically takes under 2 seconds.

When does sync run?

"Trello sync" runs automatically every 3 minutes when a Trello page is active and whenever you make a change from a Trello web page (enter a comment, create, rename, move, etc)

To force-start sync you can:

1. Click the weekly report on the top plus bar:

2. Click the Chrome Plus menu sync icon:

3. Use the "Background sync" preference (in the Plus help pane) so Plus syncs automatically every 10 minutes while Chrome is open, even if Trello is not open.

4. Refresh or open a Trello page.

When sync runs automatically (without you clicking on sync), everything will be in sync with Trello except for card labels, which might not reflect card labels changed within the last two minutes. To force card labels to be fully up to date, manually click on "sync" (methods 1 or 2 above.)

Difference between "Google sync spreadsheet" and "Trello card comments" sync

New teams should avoid the legacy "Google sync" because "Trello card comments" sync is more flexible and a little faster. 

If you must completely hide your S/E from other Trello users you should use "Stealth Google sync spreadsheet", but be aware that it does not yet support all the features of "Trello card comments" sync (explained below).

Google sync (legacy and stealth) requires Chrome sign-in.

Members using "Google sync" with the same spreadsheet will see all S/E stored there even for boards that they haven't joined in Trello. 

"Trello card comments sync" does not require Chrome sign-in, and it uses Trello permissions to determine what each user sees.

All sync methods are very fast, but "Trello card comments sync" starts to sync faster when there are Trello changes and is usually faster overall.

"Google sync" has some disadvantages:
• Can't use the mobile apps to view or enter s/e. ("Legacy Google sync" does show total card S/E in the card title, but not per-user).

• The "multiple keywords" feature is not yet supported in Google sync.

For users that migrated from "Legacy Google sync" to "card comments" sync, cards or boards can appear as "Unknown" in cases where the user no longer has permission to the boards. To clean those up, you can "Reset sync" which will remove your old data and start over again based only on card comments. Because "Legacy Google sync" also makes a card comment per each S/E entry, the results after a "reset" should be the same as with the "Google sync" data, except for cases where you don't have access to boards in the Google sync spreadsheet.

Plus also has a a utility (in the Plus help pane) that can clean-up S/E in card titles. This is useful for users migrating from the legacy sync method or from other scrum tools that use the card title to store S/E.

Can you use both Google and Trello card comments sync at the same time?

No. Once you select "Trello card comments" sync Plus no longer uses the spreadsheet and will switch to reading and writing s/e as card comments. Plus doesn't forget your spreadsheet url so if you switch back to "Google sync" it will be there. Switching back and forth sync modes can get you missing or duplicated s/e rows or incorrect S/E inside card titles. Fix them by doing a "Reset sync".

To easily migrate from Google sync to "card comments" sync, see these migration notes.

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