Power-Up for Plus for Trello

Data entered in any of our Plus tools is visible from the other methods. Example: Data entered in the power-up is visible from the Chrome extension and webapp, and data entered from the Chrome extension is visible from the power-up and webapp.

Difference between our power-up and the Chrome extension

The power-up is a very light version of Plus. View and enter team S/E/Points at a single-card level. This is enough for non-managers most of the time. The Chrome extension integrates deeply with reports/charts/burn-down/projections at any level: teams, boards, lists, groups, filters, pivots, stacks and much more.

 Works on Firefox, Edge, Safari and Chrome. The extension is only for Chrome.

Also try our mobile or web app from any mobile or browser. The Trello mobile app is already integrated with ours! From any card in the Trello app do "Share Card Link" from the top-right menu, then pick the Plus for Trello app to open the card in our app (works the other way too).

The power-up is very similar to our web app and mobile app's card view.

How to add the power-up to Trello?

Our power-up is not yet officially in Trello because we have pending work to use Trello styling. In the meantime you can still add it. It requires a team manager to first add our power-up to one or more Trello teams:

1. Go to Trello Power-Up admininstration and pick a team.
2. Click on "Create New Power-Up", accept the agreement and fill the power-up form like this:

Power-Up name:
Plus for Trello

Author name:
Plus for Trello


Plus for Trello

Plus for Trello

pick two that apply to your team

Power-Up Capabilities:
callback, card-buttons

Power-Up icon URL:

Iframe connector URL:


3. Click "Save". Now the power-up is available in all boards for that Trello team.
Enable the power-up on the boards you want, its under the "custom" section in the board menu's "power-ups" option.

To enable it for more Trello teams follow the steps again.

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