Plus for Trello "Pro" version

"Pro" features

  • Priority support.
  • Trello card members in reports.
  • Trello custom fields in reports.
  • Pick which S,E,R boxes show in boards, lists and cards.
  • Custom report columns and more export options.
  • Custom chart background colors.
  • Trello labels in reports, charts and burn-downs. Filter, group, stack & count by labels.
  • Some of our future features will also be "Pro".
Note: All free features now will always be free.

How to enable "Pro"

From the Plus Help pane check the "Pro" box. The license costs $9.⁹⁹ a year per user.
If you later turn-off "Pro", Plus will continue working just without "Pro" features.

Make a payment

After enabling "Pro" in the Plus help pane, click "➤ Activate your Pro license now".

Pay using either "Stripe" or the "Chrome Web Store".

Use the "Activate" button to use "Stripe payments" for a single or group license.

We also support the "Chrome Web Store" (under "More payment options?") if you need a single license based on the Google account signed-in to Chrome.

We recommend Stripe ( because it supports a wider range or cards and countries, does not need a Google account or Chrome sign-in, and it supports group licenses for 1 to 100 Trello users.

Contact us if you wish to pay by wire transfer, switch payment methods (from Webstore to Stripe) or purchase over 100 licenses.

Use this table to help you pick the license that is right for your case: Chrome Web Store
 Single-user license Yes Yes
 Group License Yes No
 Based on Trello usernames Yes No
 Based on Google account No Yes
 Requires Chrome sign-in No Yes
 All countries and card types Yes Some

Payments with

Use for single and group licenses based on Trello usernames. It does not require "Chrome sign-in" or a Google account.

Plus never receives or stores your card as the entire process is handled securely by Stripe payments.

Who else uses
Facebook, Target, SAP, Salesforce, NPR, Unicef and many more. Stripe has the highest level of certification available in the payments industry (more below).

Use a license URL
Plus sends you an email with the license to forward to your team members. The license owner's Trello username is immediately activated after the purchase. Other Trello users in the group license simply open the license URL in Chrome from the license email.
If you have signed-in to Chrome, your other computers with the same Google account signed-in are automatically activated as well. Otherwise, just open the license "URL" on those computers.

Increase licenses
Stripe uses proration to fairly calculate the price increase based on the days remaining until the yearly billing cycle finishes.
For example, if you add 8 licenses after 1/2 year of purchasing the initial license, you will only be charged for 4 extra licenses (half of 8) because the yearly period is halfway used.

Decrease or cancel licenses
To cancel, set the number of licenses to zero from a computer with an activated Plus Pro license.

After entering payment details you have 7 days to try "Pro" and you wont get charged if you cancel during this 7 day trial. After those 7 days you are not reimbursed for the remaining of the current billing yearly cycle. Instead, when reducing licenses after the trial the price change will show on the next yearly cycle. If you made a mistake see support below.

Reinstalled Plus, already paid?
Plus will never double-charge you. If you already paid for a license, just install the Plus Chrome extension, then from the license email click the license link. If you lost the license URL, dont worry. Using the same Trello username activate the license again. Plus will find your license and will not double-charge you.

Why enter a card again to modify or cancel licenses?
Because you do not "log-in" separately to Plus for Trello and we dont have access to your Trello account outside Chrome, we must add an extra layer of protection to your account by asking again for a valid card to validate its really you (thus protect you from unauthorized changes to your Plus license). When decreasing or canceling licenses, there are no extra charges. You can also just update the card without making quantity changes. That new card will be used for any future charges (unless you cancelled the license) and the old card is forgotten.

Transferring licenses to other Trello users
If you rename a Trello username or need to transfer a license to another user,  see the support section below.

Safety & Security
Stripe handles all payment details. Plus for Trello never receives your card numbers, only a secure "token" after Stripe receives payment details.
Stripe is certified as PCI Service Provider Level 1, the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry.

About using your card

Because you purchase a yearly subscription, Stripe stores the card details securely. If you later cancel the Plus subscription, Stripe removes your card from their database.

For your security, we handle some license changes through our support. For example if a Trello username was renamed after being activated, or you have high rotation of users. Email us from the email address of the license owner, and also provide the license owner's Trello username.

Payments with the Chrome Web Store

We also supports native payments for Chrome extensions. Google provides the service and handles all payment processing.

However, it does not support group licenses and you need to be signed-in to Chrome with the same Google account on all computers using the individual license (regardless of the Trello username). Also, this method does not support as many card types as and is limited to some countries.

Because of these limitations we now default to Stripe payments. You can still use the Chrome Web Store if you are in the right country and only need a license for yourself.

To use Chrome Web Store payments, click "More payment options?" in the license dialog.
To Cancel a subscription purchased using this method, go to this Google payments page.