Notes for those using Spent and Estimates inside Trello card titles

- Plus for Trello tracks Spent (S) and Estimate (E) per card per user, and by default does not use card titles to store S/E. Instead it uses card comments (or a Google Spreadsheet, depending on your sync configuration).

- If you want to use S/E from card or checklist titles, just enable those from Plus Preferences. Plus will show that S/E but only when viewing the trello board page, not in Plus reports or charts. Use "Plus dimensions" to pick what to see in the board page.

Convert from title S/E to Plus S/E

If you want card title S/E to show in Plus reports, enter S/E from the “S/E card” bar or as card comments. If you had a card "(3) my card [2]", you should enter S:2, E:3 for the user that has the remaining work assigned, or to a "global" user.

You may also use multiple keywords instead of card titles to store your points (for example using a keyword called "points!" and another called "hours!"), this way you can see points in reports.