Dec 2, 2014

Migrate from legacy "Google spreadsheet sync" to native "Trello sync"

Plus for Trello now (december 2014) supports native Trello sync to read card S/E history directly from card comments. In the past, Plus wrote card comment with the S/E as a convenience to users but never read S/E from comments. S/E was stored in chrome and read and written in the Google "sync" spreadsheet.

By selecting under sync "Trello card comments" Plus stops using the Google sync spreadsheet. Instead it writes and reads S/E from card comments.

Note both keywords are separated by a comma.

If you are a new user and your team never used "Google sync", you are done.The rest is for legacy Plus users.

Legacy "Google sync" users can continue using the "Legacy Google spreadsheet sync" mode but we recommend upgrading to the new sync method as it supports many more features and its faster.

To do so simply select under sync "Trello card comments". The spreadsheet will no longer be used. Plus will offer to add the keyword "plus s/e" to legacy users that check the 2nd option and cards are no longer renamed to set total "S/E" in their title like it used to happen in previous Plus versions. Be aware of this. The new mobile Plus app allows you to view card s/e by user when using this new sync mode.

The default keyword "plus!" can be changed. Also, history rows entered before version 2.11 (in 2014) used the keyword "plus s/e" so add it to your keyword list as well if your team used Plus since back then.

Additionally for best consistency you should also remove the old spreadsheet sync url from "Google sync" setup. Once removed Plus will "reset sync" and re-read S/E only from card comments.

You will see some differences compared to your spreadsheet data after a "reset sync":

  • In the previous "Google sync" mode all team users saw the same S/E history. In the new mode users will only see S/E history for boards they have joined in Trello.
  • Changed or deleted card S/E comments were not picked up by "Google sync". The new sync mode picks those up during "Reset sync".
  • Renamed users are handled during  "Reset sync".
  • Spreadsheet rows that were manually changed will not be reflected unless you also change their respective card comments.
  • The new sync mode no longer needs you to be signed-in to Chrome or have a google account. Its still useful to be signed-in so active timers can be seen from your other chrome devices.

If you do not remove the spreadsheet sync url or "reset sync" and you have rows before Nov. 2014 (version 2.10.15 or before) there are rare cases where S/E history rows are duplicated in Plus. It can happen if you join a board that already had S/E in the spreadsheet, or is the first time you check the "Enable Trello sync" option. TLDR: remove the google spreadsheet sync url.

Instructions to fully migrate to the new mode

  1. Make the reports suggested in the next section, so you can later compare them after changing the sync method.
  2. Open Plus help, section "Sync"
  3. In "Google Sync" click the blue setup button. Remove the sync url ( from the setup screen and press OK.
  4. Plus will "reset". This will remove all local history and set sync to "disabled". Go again to Plus help sync and select "Trello card comments".
  5. If you are not a manager you are done. A team manager should continue the next steps to ensure the new sync scheme doesn't cause past S/E differences.
  6. Close the help pane and wait until Trello sync finishes. Then run the reports in the next section "How to find and fix S/E differences".
  7. Because your card titles still contain total "S/E" in them, go to Plus help "Utilities" and click on "Rename cards with S/E history". Only cards with S/E history will be cleaned and Plus will give you a backup text file with all the original card titles. If you instead use "Rename all cards" all cards will be renamed. Some users, like those that came from "Scrum from Trello" can have older cards without S/E Plus history and want to keep the S/E in those card titles, thus shouldn't use the "Rename all cards" button.

While first sync happens, use Trello normally but don't close it.
Mouse over the Plus icon to view progress:

How to find and fix S/E differences between the two sync modes

Make a few reports before migrating and paste them to Excel. After you upgrade, save the same reports to compare. Useful reports are:

  1. rows grouped by: User, since: all, sorted by: User
  2. rows grouped by: Board, since: all, sorted by: Board
  3. rows grouped by: Card-User, sorted by: R (note this removes zero R rows)
  4. rows grouped by: Card-User, sorted by: Card

The 1st and 2nd help decide which users or boards have differences. The 3rd helps find problem cards that have a different R (balance).
If you just want to correct pending R balance you don't need the 4th report. It helps find all S/E differences in cards, not just those with different R balance.

You can make corrections by entering additional comments that negate previous S/E rows for each user.

You can also open the cards and edit or delete comments (just click the card link in the excel report). Deleted or edited comments are only picked up during a "Reset sync", thus is best if a single team manager performs necessary corrections before the rest of the team enables this new sync mode.

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