Mar 25, 2014

Whats New in Plus for Trello version 2.7

This version has more new stuff than usual:

Full offline support

Plus can now load all custom reports and board dashboards even if there is no internet connection.

Boards chrome menu for quick access to trello and plus offline.

A new chrome menu provides quick access to boards, popup reports and dashboards.

Mouse-over the menu icon to see your weekly spent by day.
"Spent by Week" opens the pivot inline. Click the icon top-right to pop it out.
Menu items and totals only update while trello is the active tab.

For advanced keyboard use, type part of the board name and then either:

  • Click on the wanted board or
  • Press enter to open the first board in the list or
  • use tab / shift+tab to move through boards, press enter to open.

Grouping and sorting, "R" column in reports

These new options allow for summary reports and more control. One special feature is "Sort by R" which is special because it only shows rows where R is not zero. Try these tips:

  • When sorting by R it may not make sense to filter the report by date (week or month), as this will generate misleading R totals.
  • To view Remaining work by board, group by board, order by R.
  • Similarly you may group by other combinations of fields. In particular grouping by "card-user" and sorting by R is useful to find all pending cards for the whole team.
  • Pressing enter in a filter now runs the Query, and as a bonus it also adds the selected filter to its auto complete list. To remove items from such list, move to the item with up/down, then press shift+delete.

Privacy policy

Plus help now links to the Plus privacy policy. Nothing new there, we had to put it so Google could process our request to increase Google API quotas. This was needed to plan for any future sudden increase in users.

New permissions require extension re-approval

Whenever we add a new permission, Chrome will temporarily disable the extension until you re-approve the new permissions. Manage the extension using this help.


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