Date projections in burndowns

To find a burndown end date, add a projection line to a downwards slope at the end of the green "Remain" line:

  1. Find a downwards slope towards the end of the green Remain line. If needed, drag the burndown to the left (or pinch on  touchscreen) so the approximate end date area is visible in the X (date) axis.
  2. Shift+Click the start (left) of the slope.
  3. Shift+Click the end (right) of the slope.
Plus creates the projection line and finds the date where "Remain" reaches zero.

Note: This is a straight line projection and it may not take into account non-working days. If the line being projected already has non-working days in its range, its average slope (rate of hours per day) already accounts for non-working days. Thus you should only move the projected date forward when it lands on a non-work day, unless the slope being projected is very short in time.

Tip: Plus adds all card due dates and "plus annotations" to the dashboard. Use them to mark and compare with the projection. This also avoids dragging the scale in step 1 because the due dates automatically expand the date range.

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