All our our Plus versions are open source under the GNU General public licence.

Chrome extension licences

jquery and jqueryui MIT licence
jquery cookie MIT licence
jquery grumble.js DWYW licence (I was here)
jquery zoomooz MIT licence (I was here)
jquery qtip2 MIT Licence
dialog-polyfill Licence (I was here)
tablesorter MIT Licence
chosen MIT Licence
D3 visualization BSD Licence
plottable charting MIT Licence (I was here)
saveSvgAsPng MIT Licence
bsmSelect MIT Licence
select2 MIT Licence
excellentexport MIT Licence (modified for extension use)
trello 3000 MIT licence *starting point, no longer shares relevant code.

Mobile, web-app & power-up licences

Javascript Libraries:
jquery and jquery mobile MIT licence
fastclick MIT licence
lz-string WTFPL licence
pagedown MIT licence

Cordova Plugins (native mobile app):

Webintent v1.0.0 MIT licence
Local-notifications v0.8.4 Apache License Version 2.0 (I was here)
App-event v1.2.0 Apache License Version 2.0
Custom URL scheme v4.2.0 MIT licence
Toast v2.5.2 MIT licence
InAppBrowser v1.6.1 Apache License Version 2.0
StatusBar v2.2.1 Apache License Version 2.0
AppVersion v0.1.9 MIT licence
Focus v0.1.3 Apache License Version 2.0 (I was here)
Datepicker v0.9.3 MIT Licence
Whitelist v1.3.1 Apache License Version 2.0