Future features

Note: our new Plus Help Board has a "future features" list where you can read and vote on each card. This page only explains a few planned features.

Ping Inbox

We believe this new feature will revolutionize team communication empowering all Trello users.
The main goal is to never forget a card comment asking another user for information thus expecting a reply.

Trello does a great job documenting comment history and will show a red "notification pending" icon when users are @mentioned in comments, however the red icon goes away by just reading the notification. Users that dont reply right away can leave the comment forever pending reply. Managers that send many questions lose track of pending replies.

With "ping inbox" all users (based on board permissions) can see any comment pending reply by any user in a team "Ping inbox".

To activate this feature you would define a list of special words (for example "ping" and "?") that Plus detects in card comments that have "@mentions". Those detected are marked pending. You would see all pings that you sent to others or were sent to you or team members along with sent date or history.

In this inbox, you can see an "In" section showing pings sent to you, and an "Out" section with pings you (or your team, as a preference) have sent and are still pending reply.

A ping is pending reply until the person @mentioned adds a card comment. That comment automatically marks the ping as "replied", and could even contain a new ping if it also includes your special ping words.
This feature works smoothly the way you already work with Trello. Card comments with an @mention in need of a reply usually already contain a question mark "?" and your custom ping words cover other cases when you want to make an explicit ping.

Clock time spent by cards in each list

This would also be a great and powerful addition to Plus. With it, you would see reports of the time each card spent on each list during its history. Here, "time" is actual clock time, not the one you "spend" from an "estimate". Thus this data is gathered from your Trello usage without needing anything extra from you.
With this data, Plus could make many charts and reports, for example: card list's flowcharts, average or total time a card spends on each list, a timeline of cumulative time spent per list and much more.


More future features will be added here based on your feedback in Google+ and our feedback page (leave an email if you want a reply)

There are many more planned features:
  • More features and native iPhone version for the mobile app (curently iPhone and all browsers already work with the web app.
  • Improved burn-downs: more ways to visualize
  • Pomodoro and/or countdown timers (instead of just count-up)
  • Multiple keywords for Stealth mode as separate spreadsheets for each keyword
  • More user suggestions here